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With the novel coronavirus pandemic sweeping the globe, companies are scrambling to provide their employees resources to work remotely. For many, telework has become the new norm in recent weeks and with it, a variety of challenges. 

Prior to the COVID-19 outbreak, OpenEyes Technologies had already incoporated remote work into its business model. With offices in both the United States and India, OpenEyes has mastered effective communication regardless of time zone. Our company policy grants employees the option to work from home one day each week. Other members of the team telework full-time, but remain connected through a variety of communication modes, including email chains and social media posts. 

For those who are new to the teleworking lifestyle, here are a few tips and tricks: 

  1. Maintain a Work-Life Balance.

With school closures and social distancing measures, stock up on books, movies, and other activities to keep family members occupied while you get some work done. Although you may not have a commute to the office right now, try to minimize disruption to your daily routine. Take time to make yourself lunch and get some fresh air by going for a walk.

  1. Keep Those Connections. 

While social distancing is one of the most effective ways to stem the spread of COVID-19, it is still important to check-in (virtually) on your colleagues, family members, and friends. Sending a message on Slack or giving a coworker a call can go a long way in these unprecedented times. 

  1. Be Mindful. 

Although telework is an option to some, many people are unable to work remotely. From restaurant workers to doctors and nurses, many of your fellow citizens cannot work from the kitchen table. With this in mind, remember to say a simple “thank you” to the grocery store employees and other community members who are facing their own set of unique challenges amid the coronavirus outbreak. 

As the pandemic situation continues to rapidly evolve, OpenEyes and other businesses are taking measures to minimize the spread of the disease. In light of the current public health crisis, all OpenEyes employees are working from home full-time and the company continues to follow federal guidelines. 

For more information regarding COVID-19 and teleworking, check out the following resources: 

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