Reconfiguration: Meeting the Demands of the Current Moment

Once the novel coronavirus pandemic has subsided, the World Economic Forum (WEF) is calling for a “great reset.” The initiative focuses on rapid collective action and putting people at the heart of the economy. A reset of the world’s economic and social foundations should prioritize stakeholders, rather than just shareholders.

In addition to adopting sustainable business practices and cooperation across industries, the WEF has underlined the importance of reconfiguration if the “great reset” is to be successful. In a time of disarray and uncertainty, it may be instinctive to take all possible steps to return to the way operations once were. However, redesigning one’s business model in light of known population, education, and workforce trends demonstrates adaptability and reflects the change created by pandemic.

While businesses of all sizes should heed this call to action, why should they wait until the pandemic’s end to adopt more resilient, cooperative practices? From transitioning to remote employee training to recalculating the budget, many organizations have already confronted the fact that the world is changing, and they must too. Some businesses, like OpenEyes, have taken this reconfiguration one step further: collaborating with fellow industry leaders to support companies in their transition to more modern technological solutions.

With nearly 300 attendees, fifteen panelists, and five moderators, the Virtual Conference on Remote Proctoring (VCRP) in early June exemplified a global shift toward collective action. Alongside numerous industry leaders and sponsors, OpenEyes played an essential role in organizing and executing the weeklong conference which offered practical insights into proctoring for credentialing organizations on four continents.

“We co-produced the VCRP as a fast, practical response to an urgent need expressed by many of our clients and friends, together with those of our network of business partners. It was an excellent example of working together to satisfy our clients’ business needs by marrying knowledge and technology.

                        -Robert Pedigo, COO for OpenEyes

In addition to bringing together people from across the world for the VCRP, OpenEyes has also launched a new interview series highlighting prominent leaders in credentialing, education, management, technology, and law. Our inaugural post featured Dr. Amy Dufrane, CEO of HRCI, and her approach to building business resilience in the COVID-19 era. Posted on the first Tuesday of each month, OpenEyes News is yet another initiative to foster cooperation and provide guidance as businesses reconfigure their plans to meet the demands of the current moment.

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